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GoodJunk Game for iOS

GoodJunk Game for iOS

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GoodJunk is a match-3 puzzle game. But forget the pink candies or jewels! You'll have to match beers, pizzas, hamburgers, wine, tacos and all kinds of junk food. Collect the items required and beat the score before you run out of moves.

Use the Fatso Power Up to clear an item from the grid when the progress bar is full. But stay away from the fruits, they will decrease the progress bar!

Collect your favorite food in 50 different levels. More levels coming soon!

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2017-07-13 - Version 1.2
  • Universal app that works with iPhone and iPad
2017-06-25 - Version 1.1
  • Translation in french and russian
  • New fonts to display french and russian characters
2017-05-30 - Version 1.0
  • First release on the App Store
2016-05-15 - Version 1.0 release candidate 2
  • Second release candidate version
  • Visual improvement
2016-05-09 - Version 1.0 release candidate 1
  • First release candidate version
  • Bug fixes
  • Visual improvement
  • Performance improvement
  • New levels
2016-04-01 - Version 1.0 beta 3
  • Third beta version
  • Bug fixes
  • New features
2016-03-09 - Version 1.0 beta 2
  • Second beta version
  • Bug fixes
  • New features
2016-02-27 - Version 1.0 beta 1
  • First beta version
Summer 2016
  • First day of development

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